Monday, 11 June 2012

Products I Regret Buying ☹ : Part Two

A continuation of the Products I Regret Buying : Part One! Sorry for the delay, I just got a bit caught up in my 20th birthday celebrations! And so continuing the not-so-great reviews on products number 4 and 5...

These products are not numbered in order of quality, I just thought it would be easier to discuss them if they were numbered ☺ 

4) ELF Lip Primer and Plumper (one shade). 
This product is dual - a lip plumper on one end, and a lip primer on the other, however I unfortunately find both products to be flawed. The lip plumper contains cinnamon extract, which according to Elf may cause a 'temporary tingling sensation and slight warmth to the lips shortly after application'. What. An. Understatement! The second I applied the plumper my lips felt ablaze and I immediately rushed to take it off, this feeling certainly wasn't temporary either, I could still feel it for around 20 minutes after I'd wiped it off! And now onto the primer... It's not that this product is terrible but, well yeah actually it is. The primer is just so incredibly thick and there is no way to apply a thin layer without roping in extra brushes. The product also produces a shine effect rather than matt, and so it sometimes streaks and gets mixed in with lipstick rather than just acting as a solid base. Overall, not a good product!

5) Lord & Berry Smudge proof, waterproof eye liner (shade black/brown). 
Admittedly, I don't know much about this brand; I bought this eye liner on an impulse buy whilst ASOS were running a promotion on beauty products, saw an impressive sounding brand name and just clicked 'buy'. What a waste! The formula in this pencil is definitely not eye friendly - it's hard, much too hard for any product that should be applied around the eye (on the lid or under the eye), and when this product is run along the water line it simply does not leave any pigmentation behind. It drags the skin, and leaves an uneven line on the skin if you can bear pushing hard enough - not good, ey.

And so that sums it up (for now)! I definitely will get sucked into buying these sort of products again and so more of these reviews can be expected on a regular basis! At least other people can learn from my mistakes (a little silver lining) .


  1. The ELF primer sounds like a nightmare! I find lip plumbers are really unpredictable, you either get ones that don't do anything or they make your lips majorly puffy and painful. Ouch!

    1. It really is so painful! I only kept it to write this review and now its unfortunately in the bin.

  2. Great post! It's always really useful getting the negatives of products too, I'd been thinking about getting the revlon foundation but don't think I will now! Such a pain when brands make their eye pencils too hard. xx

  3. I have the elf plumper/primer and I don't really use the plumper bit (I find lip plumpers never do anything!) but the primer is really good if you sort of dot it on your lips and then blend with your finger. I agree that it's pretty bad if you run it smoothly over your lips as it's really thick but dabbed on it actually works quite well and keeps my lipstick on a lot longer. I really like reading reviews of stuff that people don't like! Thanks for this review section :)

  4. We don't get either of those products here locally...would have to buy online...and thanks for the save on that! The eye area is where you really need products that are gentle but effective. And as for the lip plumper...sounds dodgy! You should probably contact their consumer care department.

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  6. I've been wanting to try the ELF range for a while but always feel a bit sceptical of such cheap products. I don't like products that make your lips feel like that it's just uncomfortable!
    Love Holz oxo

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    :) Keymi

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