Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My Ventures Into Nail Art

First of all I'd like to say thank you to my recent followers from HelloCotton. I woke up very happy today after seeing I'd gained 9 followers overnight! I know that may not sound like a lot to some people, but for a newbie blogger it absolutely made my day!

And now onto the nail art... If you caught my first post you'd know that I love nail varnish over all other beauty products, and I definitely spend most of my time looking for new effects and practising new techniques. I've recently come across the marbled effect for nails (although I think I'm probably just the last to know about this!) and cannot wait to try it out. 

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Nails painted with the marbling technique (not by me unfortunately).

And here's a glimpse at what my own nails have looked like recently. For a picture of what my nails look like at the moment, click here and scroll down to the last picture. 

Top left: what I call "Cheryl Cole nails" ★ Bottom left: a winter design ★ Centre: pink leopard print nails ★ Top right: inverted cross design ★ Bottom right: a clubbing design.  

Some of the designs I do have been inspired by other people, and some are a creation of my own. For example the "Cheryl Cole" nails - as I like to call them, were inspired by a couple of dresses that she's been snapped in; while the inverted cross nails were inspired by Jessie J. I saw Jessie J do a performance on the Jonathan Ross show (a UK talk show) wearing shorts similar to these, and instantly fell in love with the inverted cross design that seems to be taking over everything! The inverted cross wasn't hard to do either, especially coming from someone who didn't even own a nail art pen back then.

Designs such as in the bottom left and bottom right of the picture were only done because I wanted to test out some new nail varnish that I'd bought, and I wouldn't really class them as nail art - but they were pretty so they made it in!

So what do you guys think? Do you want tutorials or how-to's for any of these designs? Comment me if you do as I love rocking these nails and would definitely be more than happy to show other people how! 

Nail tip: if you don't have a nail art pen, jest bend out a bobby pin/kirby grip/hair grip (I call them kirby grips but I'm not sure how many other people do!) until it's flat, and use one of the ends to dip in the nail varnish and paint your design, while using the other end as a handle. I didn't use a nail art pen for *any* of these designs, who needs 'em?


  1. it looks awsome :D never been good at nailart hehe..

    1. It's honestly not as hard as it looks! The leopard print nail design was the first ever nail art I'd tried, leopard print is good for beginners too as you don't need to stick to any structured design, just draw blobs of colour any where! :)

  2. Such pretty nails - you're so talented!



  3. amazing nails, love the first photo, so cool xo


  4. I LOVE your Cheryl Cole nails! So pretty!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  5. Seriously cool nail art- techniques I can only dream of achieving! Also absolutely love your background for your blog, so pretty :) xx

  6. Your amazing at nail art! Love the Cheryl cole nails...you have a real talent! Lovely blog:)

    Sophie x

    1. Thanks! :D I'll do a post on how I did them all and what colours etc. I used in a few days :)