Saturday, 2 June 2012

Every Day Products That I Can/Can't Live Without: Part One.

This post is just to show the hair and make up products that I use every day to achieve a natural, underdone look. I use/have bought these products to create my normal look that I do throughout the year, but with products that feel a bit lighter on my skin in time for summer. 

Note: the products are not numbered in order of which I like the most, I just thought it would be easier to talk about them if they were numbered . (Also that smiley face isn't supposed to look so surfer-dude-ish [or maybe that's just me!] I just couldn't find a better one online!).

1) Argan Oil Hydrating (hair) Masque by 'Argan Oil Products'.  Number 1 recommendation.
This product is AMAZING. I had heard so much about Argan oil products from friends/blogs/YouTube beauty videos and just took a little while to get on the bandwagon, but now I am it's now in my list of favourite hair products. I got this 150ml bottle for around £4.99 from Superdrug to test it out, but from now on I've decided I'll buy it on Amazon to get it a bit cheaper (if I find a good seller I'll include them in another post). I normally buy products for dry/damaged hair as I spent so many years straightening, and this masque leaves it completely soft with a shine finish. The only downside to this product is that it doesn't tell you a recommended amount to use, so I've been using around the same amount of conditioner I use, and applying it in the same way. 

2) Elf Eyebrow Kit (shade medium),  Nars Brow Shader Brush No. 5, and 3) Elf Eyebrow Lifter and Filler (shade ivory/dark).
I've recently gotten into filling in my eyebrows and it's now an absolute staple in my every day beauty routine.  I began using the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in no. 004 black/brown which was ok - it did what it was supposed to, but didn't leave a quality finish, and it was clear that I had filled them in. I have since gotten these 2 Elf products and can notice *such* a difference. The Elf filler is less harsh than the Rimmel pencil, and   because it has a larger tip it creates a much softer look. The wax keeps my brows in place all day, and the powder just takes away the shine of the wax, giving a final matte effect.

4) Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream (shade medium).
Again I heard a lot about BB cream before I actually ventured into purchasing it, but since its been getting hotter I had avoided wearing foundation as I found it too heavy. This product was an absolute life-saver in that sense as I can now wear it every day and achieve pretty much the same coverage as my foundation. It feels much sheerer than any liquid/powder/cream foundation that I've tried, and has both moisturising properties and UV protection which is great for the summer months as I would describe myself as a dry skin type. The only downside to this product is that I've had to store it upside down, as after opening I found that the cream falls down into the lid if it's stored upright as its designed, which is a design flaw in this particular packaging - so if you have this one too and find the same thing, just prop it upside down :) .

Part 2 will be up tomorrow to avoid overloading you with information! 
(Too much writing always puts me off anyway!)


  1. Ooo I want to try a BB cream so badly! I usually just wear powder when it's really hot but it really doesn't offer enough coverage so a BB cream seems like a perfect choice for the summer :)
    Love Holz oxo

  2. I really want to try some BB cream and wasn't sure on which one to get i'll have to try this, I'm going to america in a few weeks so i do wants something with quite a bit of coverage until i tan up! Will definitely have to try it :)
    Thanks for the post!