Sunday, 24 June 2012

Moving back home: Room Tour!

As a university student, I move around a *lot*. I'm back at my mum's house for the summer break - and back in my old bedroom! Moving back in and getting the house ready for the puppy (meet him in this post) forced me to finally act my age and get my room good and tidied! As a result of this, I thought my room to be (semi) acceptable looking for a room tour! We all build relationships on here with our fellow bloggers based on similar interests in beauty/hair etc. so I thought why not get better acquainted .

Ok, so why not start with a panoramic view of the room without a panoramic effect? (Just me standing in a corner taking a picture).

I know.. I am *such* the stereotypical girl with my white and pastel pink themed room, but I will gladly throw my hands up and say I don't care - I think those colours are pretty! This colour scheme was a joint effort from myself and a few friends, so the old bedroom colour is still visible from patches of various 'graffiti' (not really, but what else to call it?) that I wanted to keep - hot pink!

If you pan around a bit more to the right you can see the bed, where I'm not sure about magic - but the blogging definitely happens there! 

Yes, I am a 20 year old who still sleeps in a single bed, sometimes even with my boyfriend - I am counting down the days 'til my double bed upgrade! I am in love with this bedspread, it was from TK Maxx, and I never want to take it off! The top picture is what I have hanging above my bed. I'm a memory box kinda gal, and so the centre picture is a hand-made card I received for my 19th birthday along-side some of Chloe Buttonhearts photography pictures - she did have a Facebook page but she's deleted it now, so looks like these are one of a kind at the moment! To the left are a couple of t-shirts I made for a few nights out at university, the top one dons the 'Barbie' logo for last years Halloween - zombie Barbie!

This is my miscellaneous cabinet that sits next to the tv. I put anything in there that I can't find a home for elsewhere, books, games, moisturisers, make up etc. The list could go on forever! As you can see it's a bit all over the place at the moment, and even this picture was taken after a *lot* of organising! Up the top sits a jewellery box, photographs and my favourite pair of shoes that I just can't bear to see tucked away in my wardrobe along with the others!

On my tv stand sits various goodies, the tv of course (circa 1999 - it's lasted well!) and my freeview box, Playstation 2 (also lasted well, who needs these fancy Nintendo Wii's and XBox Kinect when you still have your Playstation EyeToy from 2003?!) and dun dun dun... VHS player! This picture just shows what I'm currently watching, I have my DVD collection in a box under my bed, but ones that I'm watching now get to have pride of place on the tv stand. Here we have Despicable Me, Seasons 1-5 of Gilmore Girls (I didn't think much of the 6th season), High School Musical 3, Two Weeks Notice and Bring it On. Are we still friends after you've seen what I like to watch? I promise I won't blog about them again!

And finally, me in my room! The top did start out being tucked into the high-waisted jeans but after a day of running around after a small puppy, there's only so many times I could be bothered to tuck it back in!

So those are all the semi-interesting things that I surround myself with in my room! Let's see if this can start a trend where we all get to know each other a little better through doing room tours - nothing too personal, just  being able to put a personality to a blog .

PS. I had to distract Jasper with one of my old toys so I could write this, and even then he got bored and started chewing his own leg instead! Silly puppy.


  1. love your duvet cute!

    Great idea to do room tours, I just decorated mine so might make a post on that :)


    1. Do it :) Send me the link in a comment or email and I'll be sure to check it out!

  2. You have a really cute room :) Love the black heels on your cabinet and your puppy is so adorable!! xx

    1. Thanks! They're my favourite piece of clothing ever!

  3. puppy!!! :D and I like your color scheme too!

  4. Your puppy is so cute and you have a lovely room! Know exactly what you mean about constantly moving about being a uni student too, it's great in the summer finally having everything together! xx

  5. Don't worry, i own every single one of those dvds, i still have a playstation 2 and im 21, still with a single bed!
    Hahaa, great post lovely :)

    Natalie xx

    1. Haha my levels of embarrassment are slowly declining now, thanks :) !!

  6. You're puppy is soo cute! You're room is girly and comfy, I love it!
    Huge primark haul and boots coming soon, i review lots of products too, come check you my blog? I'd be so happy if you had a peep!

  7. Your room looks great! I only recently got a double bed and I love it, but whenever I stay at my boyfriends I have to share a double bed with him, it's gotten to a point where we have two duvets on the single bed because one of us is always hogging it otherwise!

    Kate x

  8. Such a cut puppy! And bet it must be nice to be back in your old room?!

  9. OH MY GOD YOU HAVE A DALMATION PUPPY!!!! I love dalmations! And your room is lovely - very feminine and bright!
    You have so much Gilmore Girls - good shout!

    Rach xx

  10. Cute room. And i love your dog!!

  11. Your room is so pretty and girly I love it :) Love your top!
    Your little puppy is just so so cute :)
    Love Holz oxo

  12. Your dalmatian is SO CUTE! And so are those black studded shoes! They almost look like a work of art on display in your room. <3

    Elle Michele

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