Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Beginnings: Nail Varnish Collection

Here are pictures of my entire nail varnish collection. A couple of years ago I used to mainly buy from Barry M as I loved their colour range, with a few No. 7's as well whenever I had the £5 voucher that Boots used to give you.

Since I've gotten a bit older and have a tad more money than I did at 16, I've started branching out. I am already obsessed with Topshop's range since they've brought it out, and bought the colours 'Zodiac' and 'Gypsy Night' right away (the two Topshop varnishes in the first picture).
 I've also recently been purchasing varnishes from O.P.I., and I am in love with the Kardasian range they brought out (I'm not sure if this range is still available on the O.P.I. website but it certainly is on UK sites like ASOS and Very). I bought 'Rainbow In The S-Kylie' (far right in the first picture) as soon as the Kardashian Kolor range came out, and 'It's All About The Glam' (fourth from the right in the third picture) is my most recent O.P.I. purchase.  I still love Barry M polishes, but I can definitely tell a difference in the texture of the nail varnish, and how long the colour stays on my nails when wearing O.P.I. instead.

My most recent nail varnish purchase was 'Blue Moon' by Barry M (second from the right in the third picture). I fell in love with the colour as soon as I saw it on Very and seen as I had a £25 voucher, I bought it straight away. I was pleased with the colour, but disappointed at how sheer it was. I've been after a pastel blue colour for summer for ages and thought I'd finally found one, but in order to get an opaque colour I have to put on about 4 layers, which is a nightmare waiting for it to dry as I always forget and end up smudging an entire hand!
Barry M blue moon, Barry M, Blue Moon, nail varnish, nail polish

This is what my nails look like at the moment; wearing 'Blue Moon' by Barry M for the blue, and shade 30 in Paul & Joe's 'Vernis a Ongles' range. Both colours begin very sheer, so it took a lot of patience to get them looking like this!

My nail tip: always remove your cuticles with a cuticle remover pen before painting your nails to achieve a bolder look that covers your entire nail. If you don't own a cuticle remover pen you can get the same effect by just pushing up your cuticles with your nails ♥.

What do you think of my first post? Have you got any other nail tips I should try out?


  1. I really want to try OPI as I'm always reading brilliant reviews on them :) Have you tried Models Own? I tend to choose them now as their polishes are the best quality I've tried and at £5 they aren't too expensive :) Love the huge amount of colours Barry M offer!
    Loving your blog Alice, I'm so happy you've started one and it looks brilliant already :)
    Love Holz oxo

  2. They're really good and they do so many glitter colours which I LOVE! Although they are a bit pricey for me (that's why I only have two in my collection haha). I've not tried any Models Own yeat but I've been meaning to buy a couple of those and some Essie ones too, and Butter, ah so many!!