Sunday, 20 January 2013

My First Kurt Geiger

I was incredibly boring blog-wise during the January sales and only bought kitchen/home/decor items for my new place, so I didn't have anything exciting to put in a January haul! Except one thing... Very soon after Christmas I went to my local outlet centre. I didn't have very high hopes as I've never bought anything there before, but the boyfriend wanted to go so off we went. One of the shops in this particular outlet centre is Kurt Geiger - and that's where it all ended.

Kurt Geiger always have the most incredible discounts during their sales, but I'd never bought anything from there before. That was until I absolutely fell in love with one pair of shoes. I've never been a shoes girl, but this pair changed everything!

These heels were redced from £120 to just £29 in the sale! They remind me of the style of Carrie's engagement shoes from Big in the Sex and the City Movie - and if you know the meaning behind the name of this blog, you'll know I love all things to do with Sex and the City!

My favourite detail of these shoes is on the bottom sole. I love little hidden details that only certain people will see, and these shoes are harbouring such a hidden gem - I'll let you in on it!

 How well did you all do in the sales? Do you own any Kurt Geiger?