Monday, 26 November 2012

The Ultimate Hair Solution?

If you have read my Hair Journey pt. 1 post, you will know all the ins and outs of my hair dye, and some of my hair cut history from over the past 10 years. In terms of length, I am the girl with the long hair, and always have been. However, as we all do at some point or another when it comes to our hair - I get restless! I love having long hair, and all the different styling options that go with it, but every couple of months I get a crazy thought in my head and say "I'm going to get a bob!".

Now, as a well and truly devoted Rihanna fan, when I was in my young and impressionable teenage years it seemed as though wherever she led I would follow. This included the 2006 asymmetric bob that soon became the new 'Rachel' of hairstyles.

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Thankfully, my hairdresser at the time wasn't terribly skilled in pulling off this new hair craze and so I ended up with a regular symmetrical bob which was much easier to grow out! 

After putting myself on a hair dye ban at the beginning of this year, I've got that familiar feeling of restlessness again, and if I can't dye it I'll cut it! My hair is once again at the 'long' stage, and doesn't seem to do a whole lot! In anticipation of the immediate pang of regret when seeing 6 inches of your hair lying on the salon floor, I've opted for the sneaky option and joined many girls in utilising the ultimate hair solution.

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Before coming across this website I hadn't ever given hair extensions a proper thought based on the fact that I knew nothing about them. Buy Hair give you all the information you could need and then some, about the grades of human hair extensions they stock; including how long you can expect them to last, how they are produced, and what you can do with them, perfect for the typical hair extension newbie like myself!

Buy Hair currently stocks 8 different types of hair extensions in both human hair and a variety of synthetic hair including clip in, pre-bonded, and wigs in order to truly cater to everyone. Whether you've never entertained the thought of using extensions in your life and would like to browse the different options available to you, or you absolutely swear by using them but want to purchase them from a different stockist - try here first!

In anticipation for those glamorous Christmas parties, Buy Hair are currently offering 55% off a range of EasiHair clip in synthetic hair extensions, and are always running 60 minute deals where prices are slashed on certain products for one hour a day.

Now, instead of being caught in the middle of a long hair/short hair dilemma, I can get the bob that I'm always itching to get, and as soon as that feeling of regret comes creeping around the corner I can get myself online and have my old length back in 3-5 working days.

Have you ever dabbled in hair extensions? Let me know your experiences!


  1. haha that is so funny, i used to be obsessed with rihanna when i was little and really wanted the 'bob' but thankfully my mum never let me!:)

    1. Unfortunately, my love for Rihanna was unparalleled, at least I'm older and wiser now (hopefully!).