Tuesday, 27 November 2012

After Shower Products: Part One

There seems to have been a recent wave of posts featuring what products you lovely bloggers use in the shower as inspired by MissGlamorazzi of YouTube. In this sort-of-following-suit-way-but-not-really post I thought I would go down a slightly different route and share with you the products I use after the shower. I'm never really any good at sticking to beauty routines, purely out of laziness or my poor memory, but one thing I always stick to is my post-shower beauty routine. Everyone has their own specific things, and these are mine!

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Excuse the puppy paw, whenever I'm taking pictures he always has to sabotage them!
I'll be listing the products in order of use, rather than in what order they appear in the picture because that clever thought didn't occur to me while I was photographing!

1) The Body Shop's Seaweed Clarifying Toner (combination/oily skin):
When I'm in the shower is when I cleanse my face, so as soon as I get out the first thing I do is tone. This product is a bestseller on The Body Shop's website, and I bought it in the hope that it would reduce the appearance of pores and reduce shine. It has done the trick, and leaves your face feeling incredibly clean. This 200ml bottle retails for £8.00 and can be bought here

2) Vaseline:
I feel pretty confident in saying that the majority of beauty bloggers are obsessed with some form or brand of lip balm. Mine is the old classic, Vaseline. I never stray from it, and always have at least 2 portable tins on me at all times. This huge pot stays in my bedroom, and is by far my favourite and most used beauty product of all time. I'm always worried about dry lips after a shower, so this comes second in my post-shower beauty routine.

3) The Body Shop's Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream:
I have to admit that I cheat with this product and use it in both my morning and evening beauty routine. Please let me know if you know of any unpleasant reasons of why you shouldn't use a night cream during the day! As frequent readers of this blog will know, the topic of anti-ageing is the underlying factor of about 50% of beauty-related posts, and that is the exact reason I bought this product. I can't say I've noticed any smoothing of wrinkles as yet - although I am using this product for more of a wrinkle prevention technique, so I'm completely happy with it so far. It absorbs into the skin quickly, and a little product really does go a long way. One bonus when using this product as a day cream too is that it leaves your skin matte, rather than shiny. This 50ml bottle costs £15.00 and can be found here.

4) Garnier's UltraLift Pro-X Anti-Wrinkle Roll On:
This product featured in my Here For a Day Haul after I got it for the bargain price of £3.49 reduced from £12.19 in a Here For a Day flash sale. I'm so far undecided about this product; it hasn't secured a place in my favourite products just yet, but I'll give it a bit longer before I judge it completely. This product can be bought at full price here

And in true Secrets of a Wannabe Charlotte style, there is nothing more boring than an overly long blog post, so check back in a couple of days to read part 2!

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  1. I also just use vaseline, ive used and tried so many different brands but i always end up going make to classic vaseline!:)