Thursday, 29 November 2012

After Shower Products: Part Two

Todays post is a continuation of my After Shower Products: Part One, so if you missed it or are interesting in reading about those products first, you can click the link before you begin here! 

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Again, please do excuse the puppy paw, whenever I'm taking pictures he always has to sabotage them!
These products are listed in order of use, rather than left to right in the picture because I seemed to lack clever ideas when taking the pictures!

5) Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturiser: 
Someone once told me that the key to youth is moisturiser, and whether that statement is true or not, I will happily spend any extra cash trying to find out! I used to swear by using body butters, but have recently decided that I don't like the thickness and weight of the product sitting on your skin, so have started using this instead. Let me just say, I cannot believe what I was missing all those years that I used nothing but body butters. This stuff is so much better! It's lightweight, absorbs easily, spreads so that you only need to use a tiny amount, and is only lightly scented. I can happily say that I am converted, and will be repurchasing this when needs be! This product is £5.99 for a 350ml bottle from Boots.

6) Bio Oil:
I only have one thing to say about this product. This stuff works! I cannot stress it enough. I am usually very sceptical about bold claims made by these types of products, but I am a complete advocate for Bio Oil. Now don't get me wrong, don't expect results straight away, and don't expect miracles on 10 year old scars, but for more recent scars or stretch marks, this stuff just works! I've been using it every morning and night on stretch marks that I absolutely hate, and somehow it has blurred their appearance and making them a lot less noticeable. Don't expect results until after a couple of months of constant use, but for stretch marks that I have hated for a good few years, a couple of months is hardly any time to wait.

7) The Body Shop's Hemp Foot Protector: 
I wrote an in-depth review of this product back in August when I first bought it, and it is still part of my every day routine. I apply this product to my feet liberally every night, and am still amazed by the results in such a short amount of time. This product is a best seller on The Body Shop's website, and retails at £10.00 for 100ml here.

I hope you liked that little peak into my post-shower routine.What are yours like? Let me know if yours are similar!


  1. I always ise bio oil, i love it so muh, great post!)

  2. Great post, Vaseline is one of those basics I just can't live without lol.