Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The 10 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 4

First of all, apologies to any people who have been anticipating the rest of this challenge (not that I suppose any of you were!), but it just happened to slip my mind on the blogging front. Never mind - I'm back to it and presenting to you Day 4: 7 polishes.

Rather than just listing 7 polishes that I adore, I thought I'd split it into 4 that I love, and 3 that I wish I'd never bought, and here they are:

4 Favourites:

O.P.I.'s Nail Lacquer in 'Gold Shatter':
This product really did live up to the hype. After disappointment with previous crackle effects varnishes from other brands, I wasn't too keen on buying any more, but after receiving this as a gift I couldn't resist trying it out. The formula is incredibly smooth, which had been an issue I'd found with other brands, and I have no complaints at all!

Nicole by O.P.I. for the Kardashian Kolor range in 'Rainbow in the S-Kylie':
This was my first ever O.P.I. purchase, and it was absolutely the beginning of a new nail obsession. I had been lusting after all thing O.P.I. after seeing them all over my favourite beauty blogs, and last year I finally gave in and bought one! This was definitely worth the money, and I wear it to any occasion that calls for glitter nails!

No. 7's Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 'Disco Nights':
An old favourite of mine, bought with the brilliant £5 No. 7 vouchers that Boots seem to always be giving away! I love this polish as the brush is just wide enough to only need two swipes to cover the nail, and like most metallic polishes, it is incredibly fast to dry. One coat of this polish is usually dry in less than 40 seconds, ideal for a fast touch up!

Seche Vite:
Another product that is found all over beauty blogs. I toyed with buying this for a long time because of the expensive (for me, any way) price tag, but when I saw it on Buya Powa (co-buying website) I joined the co-buy straight away. It definitely lives up to all the good reviews, and will even keep gems/diamant├ęs on my nails for up to 8 days!

3 Regrets:

Barry M Nail Effects Nail Paint in '316':
What a disappointment. The first time I came across these nail effects polishes was on the stands of Barry M, so I immediately purchased them. I just found the formula to be incredibly sticky and gloopy, and very hard to apply, which didn't bode well for the nail effect. It also took an age to dry on my nails, leading to a lot of unwanted smudges.

Models Own Nail Polish in 'Thunder & Lightening':
I bought this one online, and so couldn't see a proper swatch of it, but it was not at all what I expected. As my first Models Own polish I was very disappointed, and won't be buying from them again  any time soon. I first found the title very misleading, as I imagined 'Thunder & Lightening' to be multi-coloured micro glitter within a black polish, but this polish is brown, which I definitely didn't want. The formula is also very thin and weak, and so unless the polish is only used as a top coat to add sparkle, it takes around 4 coats to become opaque - one of my biggest pet peeves!

E.L.F.'s Matte Finisher Nail Polish:
I've already written a less than glowing review on this product here, simply because it doesn't deliver. It doesn't make your polish matte, particularly, and the effect even wears off with time. I definitely need to invest in a higher end matte polish as I never use this one.

What are your favourite nail polishes and biggest regrets?

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  1. Great choices, I love Rainbow in the S-Kylie got this as a backup for when I finish my Muppets polish lol.