Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The 10 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 2

I recently started the 10 Day Beauty Challenge tag as inspired by Adore-A-Polish, so here's my day 2 update!
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OK, so day 2 means telling you all of 9 things I like. I'm taking this to mean literally anything, so let's do this!

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Pictures aren't numbered by how much I like them - they're just easier to talk about that way.
1) Joey Essex as representing The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE):
Yes, I'm a sucker for this stuff! I watch TOWIE, Made In Chelsea, Desperate Scousewives, Teen Mom... The list goes on. For some reason I absolutely love reality television shows (with the exception of Big Brother - not reality enough for me). Confession of the day: I would consider going on one reality show, and one only; Shipwrecked!

2) My puppy Jasper:
Does this really need explaining? Just look at him! As I mentioned in my Day 1 post for this tag, just follow me on Instagram (alicedewa) for copious picture updates on Jasper's daily activities. N'awwwwww. 

3) Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains:
I recently held a giveaway featuring these as they had been the absolute talk of the blogging world, and as I was buying the giveaway prizes of course I had to buy a couple for myself too! These products are simply amazing for a high-street product. I have to be honest, I didn't have that high expectations of these as I was a tad disappointed with the previous Revlon Lip Butters, but these balm stains more than made up for it. Read my in-depth review of these babies here.

4) True Blood:
This post is actually the second time I've mentioned this television show on my so-called beauty blog now! I love it so much that I snuck in a NOTD post dedicated to my love of all things True Blood not long ago. For those that don't know, True Blood is a television series based on a series of novels depicting a world where vampires and humans live alongside each other, hower vampires are considered the under-class, and face a lot of prejudice - there's also a lot of saucy scenes too, so under-ager's be warned!

5) ASOS Marketplace:
The holy grail of new, used and vintage clothes! Admittedly I have only bought one item from a seller on ASOS Marketplace before, but many hours of my life have been spent browsing the 1000's of pages. It's basically Ebay for the 15-35 year olds, except with no auctions, just 'Buy it Now' options. Go check it out!

6) O.P.I.'s Rainbow in the S-Kylie by Nicole:
My favourite nail polish bar none. This was my first ever O.P.I. purchase, and boy what a good choice! It's from the Kardashian Kolor range, and boasts both micro glitter and glitter chunks in colours ranging from silver to pink. This polish is basically a disco ball effect for your nails, so if you're anything like me - you'll love it!

7) Typing "hot nails" into Google:
If ever I am bored, and am itching to try out new nail art designs, I always start my routine with the same activity; googling "hot nails". Doing this is actually how I came across a lot of my favourite nail art blogs, so I definitely suggest you try this out, or certainly using words to the same effect.

8) Essie Button: 
My oh my, a girl after my own heart! Essie Button is a Canadian beauty blogger/YouTuber who's now living her life up in old Blighty. I only discovered her this year after clicking on one of her beauty videos from my recommended section on YouTube, I wish I'd found her sooner! She always puts a comedic spin on her beauty videos, and adds that little touch to her blog posts too. Find her YouTube channel here, and her blog here.

9) The Nailasaurus: 
My favourite nail art blogger! This blog is one that I actually found by typing "hot nails" into Google - proof that that technique works! Her designs are always original and absolutely incredible, and have provided a lot of inspiration for many of my own nail art designs, she's truly talented. Find her blog here.

So you read mine, what are your likes? See part 3 of this tag here soon!


  1. I love ASOS market place, they have some gorgeous things! I also love Essie button, she's so cute and funny xx

  2. great answers!:)


  3. I LOVE essiebutton too :) Cute doggy!

    sophierosehearts x

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  6. I discovered Essie this year too, and my oh my is she the funniest guru out there! I was happy to discover she is Canadian like me! :) cool challenge :P