Monday, 20 August 2012

The 10 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 1

I've come across this challenge every now and then when browsing the pages of HelloCotton, but never gotten round to doing it. That was until I saw it on Adore-A-Polish's blog, and for some reason I had to do it too! Kristina (of Adore-A-Polish) decided to flip reverse it a bit (Blazin' Squad, anyone?), and start with Day 10, inviting others to do the same, so here I am following suit!

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Let's dive straight in with ten secrets!

1) I'm actually a straight-up tomboy at heart! Apart from nail art, I spend about 15 minutes maximum on my hair and make up (collectively) in the morning. I rarely wear make up on a day-to-day basis, and don't heat style  my hair!

2) I want to emigrate somehwere, but I don't know where yet - somewhere that English is their native language, preferably!

3) I used to be an Irish dancer. At the time I always said I hated it, but now I've given it up I miss it a lot.

4) My favourite bands are Westlife and Paramore... I'll leave the commenting about that to you guys!

5) I literally have a memory like a sieve. Once on a night out,  I had to get a taxi back to my house FOUR SEPARATE times because I had forgotten various things - money, I.D., house keys, student I.D. That was an expensive night for taxis!

6) While growing up I had an irrational fear of dogs, and now at 20 years old I bought my own dalmatian puppy! Follow me on Instagram for  picture updates of what he's doing every two minutes! (Instagram: alicedewa).

7) I've attended 4 different schools, 1 college and 1 university in my time - not great when you have a ridiculously poor memory coupled with no sense of direction. I still don't know my way around my campus yet!

8) I want to start a sign language society at my university, but I'm too scared!

9) Relating back to the tomboy thing, I am rubbish at buying shoes. I only wear flat boots or sandals, anything else is far too confusing to me!

10) I ws terrified of starting this blog and at first I was too embarrassed for anyone to read it, now I love it when people tell me they've read it!

Feel free to tag yourselves, I certinly did!


  1. Create a sign language society, do it! I also used to have a fear of dogs, i used to CRY as well, oh dear ! But now i'm fine ahah :)

    sophierosehearts x

    1. Oh no! Glad you're fine around them now lol, I just have one memory of absolutely cowering behind my mum when her friend had a dog haha.

  2. great answers:)

  3. ooooh im definitely going to do this challenge at some point!
    i love westlife - good choice ;) and i'd always wished i had done irish dancing!
    as for starting a sign language society - i realllly think you should! i think you'd be surprised by how many people would be interested in learning it!
    nicola xxx

    1. Hopefully I will, I'm just scared no one will sign up to it!

  4. aw this is a really nice idea.
    Don't worry, I absolutely love Westlife too and I also have a terrible memory, it's worrying how bad it is! haha xx