Sunday, 26 August 2012

10 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 3

Catch up on my posts for Day 1: 10 Secrets here, and Day 2: 9 Likes here, so you're up to date with my 10 Day Beauty Challenge!
When I saw that today's challenge was to write up 8 dislikes, I thought that this could be the first challenging part of this tag! I am quite finickity, and I have a *lot* of pet peeves, but as soon as I'm put on the spot, my mind goes blank. After a lot of thinking, here's what I came up with - not quite 8, but at least more than half way there!

1) Sheer Nail Polish: 
I cannot be the only one to get frustrated by this, in fact from reading all of your lovely blogs, I know I'm not. I have absolutely zero patience for them - if a polish requires 3-4 coats to become opaque then I will not use it. It helps to begin with a matte white base, but if I want to paint my nails in a rush I don't always have time, and end up disappointed by the translucent sheen on my nails. 

2) WIND!
I know this sounds ridiculous, but after I explain myself I feel like a lot of you are going to agree with me (hopefully!). I cannot stand wind. A nice cool breeze is fine, I'm talking about taking my dog for a walk on a hill accompanied by huge gusts of wind. The kind that knots your hair, lifts your skirts and gives you lipgloss hair (when your hair is blown onto your lips, and if you're wearing lip balm/stick/gloss you then get a lovely clump of it in your hair)! 

3) Rimmel:
I've talked about this before in my Gel Liner on a Budget post where I compared Rimmel gel liner to a L'oreal one, with pictoral evidence of why I dislike Rimmel. It is simply just a  personal preference; I have a lot of friends that still use Rimmel and have no problems with them. I find their mascaras to be clumpy, their powders very dry and their liquid foundations very greasy and poorly made. Any previous experience I've had with Rimmel make up products has been bad.

4) Disappointing Freebies:
I know this sounds really ungrateful, as if you get something for free the rule is that you shouldn't generally complain - but why? A lot of the time you can get roped into purchasing something with the promise of a freebie at the end of it, and in the end the freebie you receive is something you have no use for, and is now just taking up valuable space in your house. I've really started to crack down on this disappointing freebies, as I used to accept everything, and then later think "why did I take that? It's just going to go in the bin now!".

5) Dry Shampoo:
I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to this disliked product in June (read it here), and as of now my views remain the same. I have only tried out the Batiste products, so I don't know how well other brands will fair, but as far as Batiste goes I just find that it leaves my hair both feeling and looking worse than before. That post received a lot of mixed reviews, as most people swear by dry shampoo, it's just that one product that I can't get on board with. 

What are your dislikes in the beauty world, or even the world in general?


  1. I agree with you on 4 out of the 5 points, I can't stand sheer nail polishes or dry shampoo. But I really like Rimmel polishes and their Stay Matte powder, but thats about it. Loving this series, think I may have to borrow it xx

  2. Don't worry i HATED Batiste dry shampoos too. Read my battle of the dry shampoo blog post. I now LOVE dry shampoo, especially the V05 or Tresemme ones!

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Glad I'm not the only one that doesn't like dry shampoo. It totally does nothing for me.