Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Garnier's UltraLift Pro-X Anti-Wrinkle Roll On

I mentioned this product in my Here For a Day Haul, where I couldn't resist sharing how cheap I managed to snag this product for! Now, my feelings have changed - I feel so relieved that I didn't pay the £12.19 RRP for this product because to be honest, I can't see what it does.

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I don't usually find myself buying into the gimmicks that come with many products, 'dries in 60 seconds', 'see results in 3 days', you know the ones. The fact that this product had a roller ball tip did actually appeal to me though, as I could see how it could potentially increase the effects of the product by massaging it into your skin - but that's not what happened.

Although the roller top is in fact designed to massage the product into your skin, there are instructions on the bottle telling the user to just rub the excess into the face with their hands. I can't see any point in the roller top after that, because the product just seeps out of the top, and it's basically just like applying a serum from a regular bottle. The product doesn't make my skin feel especially different, but I will keep using it until it's finished as I don't want to waste it. 

In my opinion, the product could have been £3-£4 cheaper, and much less of a disappointment if it came in a regular screw-top pot or bottle. This product retails for £12.19 and can be bought here.

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts?

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