Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mallzee: Join the Revolution!

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If you (like me) were born before the ongoing technological age that we now live in, I'd imagine that you still feel impressed by the new advances that are happening every day. Now, today I am presenting to you another advancement - one that I'm sure us blogging type will appreciate very much, and it's called Mallzee. As you will know from reading previous posts, I am an absolute online shopping addict. Even when I know I have absolutely no funds to my name, I still can't resist browsing page after page of clothes, shoes, bags, make up - pretty much anything that is sold online! So when I was contacted by Mallzee to raise awareness of their upcoming website launch, I was happy to get involved.

In their own words: "Mallzee is all about creating a new experience for shopping online. Users create their own personalized shopping mall (Mallzee) by picking their favourite brands and stores. Our fancy software then finds products matching their personal style and showcases them in their Mallzee!" There is also opportunities to earn money whenever someone else purchases something from your Mallzee! Not only this, but Mallzee also integrates a very social role in online shopping by adding Facebook chat, polls and the ability to browse what your friends have been perusing whilst on the site, all as additional features. 

As this is a very new website that is still yet to launch fully, (before I was told otherwise) I would have doubted the types of retail stores that you would encounter on Mallzee, but there are already over 200 brands signed up, including the likes of Urban Outfitters and New Look! 

Mallzee is set to launch later this year, and to sign up for the pre-launch (and to receive email updates about the website's progress) all you have to do is go to and enter your email address. As an extra added incentive, everyone that signs up to the website will be added into a £100 ($155) prize draw, what more could you want?!

Let me know if you sign up, you'll soon be able to browse my wishlists and chat about fashion in a much more direct way :)

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