Monday, 9 July 2012

The Beautiful Blogger Award!

Over this past week and a half lots of you must have been blogging like bosses as you all seem to have been tagged in the Beautiful Blogger Award! Well done to everyone that has, and thank you to Becky, Nicola and  Georgina for passing that tag onto me ☺.

Onto the tag!

1) Thank the person that nominated you and link to their blog:
I think I jumped the gun on this one as all the links are up there at the top - and thank you to every one of you!

2) Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?:
I had been addicted to beauty videos by the likes of  Dolly Bow Bow and Beauty Crush, and always turn to YouTube tutorials whenever I'm trying a new nail art design or make up look. Reading blogs is actually pretty new to me - my friend Holly introduced me to them as she writes a wonderful beauty and fashion blog which I read religiously, and she inspired me to follow suit! I carry on writing because I love doing it, if I could do this as a full-time job I would, and I would love every minute of it ☺.

3) Describe a usual day in your life:
A usual day in my life would include waking up with my boyfriend and us both taking our new puppy for a walk around the park. If I have the day off we'll spend the day together with Jasper (our puppy), but if not I'll go off to work until the late evening and then crash into bed afterwards! Any free time is used up blogging and internet shopping!

4) The best collaboration with a blogger:
None as of yet! Let me know if any of you fancy it!

5) The worst collaboration with a blogger:
Ditto to the above.

6) Describe what having a blog means to you: 
It means being able to have completely in-depth conversations about all things fashion and beauty with like-mined people who are as obsessed with these things as I am! I have a pretty varied friendship group and not all of them are into beauty products as much as me, so it's nice to have a place where everyone shares the same interests.

7) Nominate 5 other bloggers:
I'm going to make this an open tag - you all are beautiful bloggers and you all deserve this award!

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  1. you're very welcome! ;) i love reading other peoples answers to these kind of posts!
    nicola xxx